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Living on the Water

Greater Good Realty

If you live in San Diego, you probably already know that owning a home on the coast can be quite expensive. While the benefits of living on the water are pretty obvious, the costs associated with that kind of lifestyle can seem exorbitant to some. So, just how much does it cost to live on San Diego's waterfront? Short answer – a lot. According to a new study from Zillow, living on San Diego's coast costs nearly three times as much...Read More

Unaffordable Housing

Greater Good Realty

If you're from San Diego, you're probably already familiar with the city's high cost of living. Just about everything here, whether that be gas or groceries, seems to cost just a little bit more. Housing, in particular, has always been expensive. Regardless if you own your home or rent, living in San Diego isn't cheap. According to a recent study from Zillow, San Diego now has the distinction of being the nation's seventh least affordable housing market. Renting, as always, is...Read More

Business as Usual

Greater Good Realty

Fast-growth companies: This year, San Diego ranked No. 5 on Inc's list of the top 10 cities for fast-growth companies. That's two spots higher than last year's rank, putting San Diego ahead of startup hubs like Houston and San Francisco. Inc's list of fast-growth companies, released Wednesday, ranks businesses based on their past three years of revenue growth. As you might expect, New York topped the list with 205 of the nation's fastest growing companies. San Diego, which had 81 companies on...Read More

Big Spending in San Diego

Greater Good Realty

As of late, San Diego has seen an influx of high-priced homes hitting the market. Unlike some of the other areas in the country, these properties are actually selling. According to DataQuick, the number of residents in San Diego County who have purchased properties worth $1 million or more is currently at a seven-year high. In the first half of 2014, 1,876 high-priced homes were sold. That's up 12.7 percent from the same period in 2013. The second quarter of 2014,...Read More

Summer Market Update

Greater Good Realty

After the housing crisis in 2009, San Diego experienced a strong rebounded. Over the course of the last few years, the area has seen growth in just about every sector of its housing industry – home values have gone up, demand has skyrocketed, and construction has been revitalized. As of recently, however, the torrid pace of San Diego's real estate market has begun to cool off. Low inventory, high prices, and rising interest rates have all contributed to slowed growth in...Read More

This Week in San Diego Real Estate

Greater Good Realty

Assessed property values up: According to the County Assessor, the values of homes, boats, planes, and business property in San Diego rose $24.6 billion as of January 1, 2014. In total, San Diego's assessed property values saw a 6 percent increase. Homeowners, however, will only see a fraction of the increase reflected in their property taxes. Due to Proposition 13, which California voters passed in 1978, the majority of San Diego's homeowners will see their property values rise less than 0.5 percent....Read More

Charity Update

Greater Good Realty

If you've been following us over the last couple of years, you know how much Greater Good Realty cares about giving back to the San Diego area. To us, the real estate business is about more than just selling homes, it's about helping people. And we aren't just saying that – every year, we donate 10% of our commissions to various charitable and nonprofit organizations throughout San Diego. This week, we'd to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite...Read More

San Diego Apartments

Greater Good Realty

Apartment complex: Finding an apartment in San Diego has never been easy. Now, it's getting even harder. According to a report released this Tuesday by the San Diego County Apartment Association, the availability of apartments in San Diego is currently at 12-year low. As of this week, the county's vacancy rate has fallen to 2.8 percent. If you're looking for a place to rent, that means that only 2.8 percent of all apartment units in the county would be available. This time...Read More

Annual Appreciation and Delinquent Taxes

Greater Good Realty

Solid footing, slow growth: Even though home prices in San Diego reached a post-Great Recession high back in March, the annual growth of the market has begun to slow. According to a report released Tuesday by the S&P / Case-Shiller Price Index, home prices in San Diego have continued to rise from February to March. During that time period, prices rose a total of 1.3 percent. In the previous Case-Shiller report, San Diego County lead the nation in monthly appreciation, with a...Read More

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