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Hot Markets in San DiegoThere’s no doubt the real estate market in San Diego is looking up, but as always, some areas are hotter than others. The spring buying season, which began in late March and ended just recently, saw strong sales numbers despite relatively low inventory levels. In the month of May, for instance, more than 4,200 properties sold. According to real estate tracker DataQuick, that’s the highest count in seven years.

So, where are all these homes being sold?


San Diego home sales by zip code:

Listed below are five of San Diego’s hottest zip codes in terms of home sales and average price. As you might know, home reports typically have a lag time of two months. The information provided below reflects DataQuick’s sales information from the month of May.

Carlsbad (92009) – Although prices had been soft for a while, real estate in Carlsbad has begun to roar back. The rebound, which didn’t take long, is due largely to demand for new housing. Considering how beautiful the area is, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Carlsbad is perfect for those who want to get away from the city and is great for families.

Monthly home sales: 123

Median price: $677,545

San Marcos (92078) – This is a good area for entry-level homebuyers because of its location and affordability. Put simply, San Marcos provides a cheaper option for people who don’t want to move all the way to Riverside County. It also happens to be close to Cal State San Marcos and several other schools.

Monthly home sales: 122

Median price: $425,000

Oceanside (92057) – This is another good area for entry-level buyers and young professionals. Oceanside also seems to be popular among military members, who, unlike most civilians, can benefit from no-money down mortgages backed by the government. For those who want to live near the water, Oceanside can be a cheaper alternative to Carlsbad.

Monthly home sales: 122

Median price: $365,000

Rancho Bernardo (92128) – Even though this part of the county can get a little hot, it’s become a pretty popular place for both families and professionals. Rancho Bernardo’s proximity to Interstate 15 makes it a convenient place to live for commuters. The area’s planned communities and good schools make make it attractive to families as well.

Monthly home sales: 113

Median price: $431,000

Carmel Valley (92130) – High demand and low inventory levels have really stirred up the market in Carmel Valley. The area has become increasingly attractive to families because of its excellent schools and proximity to the coast. Carmel Valley is also a favorite among employees at high-tech companies, many of which have offices nearby.

Monthly home sales: 113

Median price: $870,000


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