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We recently received an update with information regarding the Quiet Zone Bells for the downtown trolley system and trains. Residents in the vicinity of the tracks continue to wait for solutions for the continuous bells that sound for the passing trolleys, coasters and freight trains. As our
office is 4 feet from the tracks at Kettner and G, we are also interested in any

Recently, No Horn Zones were implemented so the trolleys and trains do not sound their horns at each crossing; this is progress. People are pleased that train horns are no longer being used in the downtown area.  Now they are interested in what can be done to minimize the sound of warning bells each time a train crosses an intersection.

As most of us will be lost with most of the information provided, below are highlights of from the update:

Field Noise Measurements. ICF has conducted numerous field noise measurements over the past five years in and around the rail crossings of interest, including very recently. This field data will be very helpful in our ongoing analysis. Additionally, we propose to conduct another series of noise
measurements, as follows:

a. Individual bell noise measurements at varying elevations.
Currently, the electronic bells are mounted atop poles quite high above
sidewalk level (roughly 12 to 24 feet). The noise measurements of the bells so
far have been conducted at a height of 5 feet above sidewalk level, 10 feet
horizontally from the bell pole. ICF proposes to use an extension pole with the
noise meter microphone affixed to the end, to measure noise levels at
elevations of 5 feet, 10 feet, and 15 feet, in order to obtain a more accurate
assessment of the noise level at or near the horizontal plane of the bell, as
well as at sidewalk level. This data would be used for the analytical phase of
the study, detailed below.

b. Proof-of-concept noise measurements, following the
development of noise reduction recommendations. In order to verify that noise
levels would still be within required limits at sidewalk level, noise
measurements would be conducted with the reduction measures in place (on a
trial basis).

Also please note that once the results of the study are known they will provide an opportunity for public input prior to its approval and implementation.

Should any of our readers have interest in the full report, please let me know.